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Remove tiredness and provide energy. Eliér Unique is the answer to removing tiredness and providing energy!
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In the XVIII century Catherine II took a long journey to one of Baltic lands (former Duchy of Courland on the territory of modern Latvia), which was famous for its pristine nature. Here she discovered a unique wonder of nature – Eliēr. The Great Empress fully enjoyed the power of this treasure and called it the elixir of beauty and youth. Eliēr became the secret of her womanhood and beauty. All her life she had been using Eliēr bath to retain her health and youth, to conquer and infatuate her new admirers. In 1785, Catherine the Great gave her blessing and allowed usage of Eliēr in folk medicine. Before that Eliēr had been used only by members of royal families.
Eliēr (in old Baltic – “ellõ liegã era” – medical moor of an ancient lake) – is the only HIGHLY ORGANIC therapeutic moor, which was formed in caves more than 10 million years ago, and this is a complex of natural organic components. The unique organic Eliēr has been successfully used in skin regeneration treatments for more than 200 years. Nowadays it has been studied by world’s leading biochemists and clinically tested.
In 1999 an international team of scientists started a research about Eliēr. The results were incredible: This UNIQUE composition includes more than 800 ORGANIC COMPONENTS and all minerals necessary for vitality of the body. During the Eliēr research scientists have developed the Peloid Complex® – which is a balanced complex of active ingredients of highly organic Eliēr. Sensational clinical results prove 100% positive in uence of Eliēr on skin cells as it enhances and regenerates their vitality, because it contains biologically active substances, which are identical to humanskin cells. Eliēr components have a positive in uence on blood microcirculation, the state of capillary system and lymphatic vessels; they improve restoring and regenerating processes, activate body’s immune system, stabilize functioning of nervous system, enrich body with micro and macro elements, eliminate toxic and metabolic intermediate products from skin cells, enhancing their vitality and the process of regeneration, provide a real antioxidant e ect.


Eliér Unique is the answer to removing tiredness and providing energy! It is the winner of the 2018 Biotech Innovation Award and is 100% organic. It consists of humic substances: the strongest anti-oxidant in the world. This mud skin care technique helps protect the skin from the negative impacts of the environment and ultraviolet light. It helps improve metabolism in the cells of the skin, reduces stress and activates the use of protein and energy resources in the cell. Our first biotechnology project will be launched on the 1st of October, 2018. It is valued at 20,000 tokens and will be available for pre-ordering, with a production period of one month. Tried and tests after 10 years of innovation my scientists, this is one product you need to rejuvenate your skin!

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Gilmiyarova Frida Nasyrovna (born 5.6.1941, Ufa), biochemist. Doctor of Medical Sciences (1976), Professor (1979). Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation (1997), hon. inventor of the RSFSR (1984). She graduated from BGMI (1961). Since 1964 he has been working at the Samara Medical University (since 1985 he has been the head of the department of fundamental and clinical biochemistry with laboratory diagnostics). Scientific activity is devoted to the study of metabolic disorders in alcoholism, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, problems of ecology and biotechnology, and laboratory diagnostics. Under the guidance of G. developed and introduced into medical practice , wound-healing, anti-burn agent Natursil and anti-inflammatory preparation Silistong, biologically active food additives based on milk thistle, enzyme preparations (aldolase, lactate dehydrogenase, etc.) from the muscle tissue of mammals. Author of more than 250 scientific papers and 29 inventions.

Frida Gilmiyarova

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